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Technical information

Physical properties

Raw material Relative density Melting point
Nylon (Polyamide 6)1,14218
copolymere mixture
Will vary from 0,99 - 1,14
depending on mix%
Copolymere 170
Polyester 260
Steel wire7,851600

Extension and elasticity

The overall extension of a rope is made up from several components.

Permanent extension
Is not recoverable. It will occur when a new rope is first used.
A result of the individual rope-fibre components “bedding in” to their preferred position.

Visco-elastic extension
Is only recoverable with time after the release of the rope.

Elastic extension
Is immediately recoverable upon the release of the rope.

Components of rope extension

components of rope extension

Tensile strength

Is determined by testing new ropes according to EN ISO quality standards.
The strength of spliced ropes is reduced by 10%.
Nylon (polyamide) rope loses 10% of its strength when wet.


Is determined by weighing a rope sample to EN ISO quality standards.

Comparison of some mooring ropes with breaking load of ±72t

HSCP Polypropylene Polydacron 2nd Nylon Nylon Superwinchline
Construction8-Str.8-Str.8-Str.8-Str.D. braided6-Str.12-Str.
Diam (mm)68806064566030
Breaking load (ton)76757872727778,5
MaterialHSCPPP75% HSCP
& 25% PES
Composite yarn
PA multifilPA MultifilPES multifil & Copolymere monofilHMPE & PU coating
Specific weight0,920,910,991,141,141,250,97
Water absorption0%0%0%10%10%0%0%
Breaking stretch
(worked rope)(%)
Abrasion resistance++++++++++++++++
Use for: winches & capstans+
Easy to splice++++++++++++++++++
Price (polypropylene=100)80100100160160210400
+ Fair ++ Good +++ Excellent

From this comparison one can conclude the following:

An improved version of polypropylene - good lifetime due to good abrasion resistance - more cost-effective than polypropylene (smaller size for equal breaking load) - floats

Most common mooring rope - floats - inexpensive - big volume for high breaking load - limited lifetime - sensitive to abrasion

Polydacron 2nd
Good price/strength/weight ratio - good abrasion resistance - floats

Nylon 8-strand
Good strength/weight ratio - high elongation is an advantage for certain applications (springs/pennants); sometimes a handicap in view of safety - rather expensive - sinks

Nylon double braided
The compact design offers size for size greater strength than 8-strand construction - excellent for use on tension winches/capstans - excellent abrasion resistance - suitable for various shock load applications

Superwinchline polyester
Perfect for use on self-tensioning winches - very good abrasion resistance - compact construction

Size for size HMPE Gold offers the same strength as steel wire rope but is extremely lightweight and easy to handle - the elongation is also comparable to steel wire rope - HMPE Gold is not sensitive to corrosion (apply for specific cases) - floats - expensive - need adapted equipment (as for all synthetic ropes)


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